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Telephone Sales & Acquisition Sales Training
Telephone Sales & Acquisition Sales Training
€1.300,00 €1.100,00 Excl. tax
€1.573,00 €1.331,00 Incl. tax

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Telephone Sales & Acquisition Sales Training

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€1.300,00 €1.100,00 Excl. tax
€1.573,00 €1.331,00 Incl. tax
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You have got counting... hours

In-company / Customized Sales Sales Training Telephone Acquisition.

Telephone sales and acquisition is a profession apart. How can you gain trust within a single or a few telephone calls?


This training is aimed at learning, switching and combining 8 different sales techniques, all of which have proven their effectiveness in practice by telephone Sales & Acquisition.

Beforehand we first discuss the 6 guiding principles and the 10 basic principles of sales.

Then you will learn 8 sales techniques through theory, exercises and real practical examples. If desired by the students, we also apply role plays during the training. The result of this training is an extensive super Skillset that you can noticeably increase your telephone commercial performance through more qualitative, effective and easier appointments and sales. Because these sales techniques give you a lot of insight, it also leads to a working method that is very pleasant for all parties.


In this training, extra attention is given to how to prepare the perfect (customized) call script, specifically for your purpose and organization. As a bonus, the course participants also learn a number of secrets about how to get past the gate keepers.


This training is truly unique in the Netherlands and the learned techniques are directly applicable during your work.

This training is for both starters and experienced people as the level is adjusted per participant and there is of course the possibility to ask questions from your practical situations.

The training can also be given in English.



In this sales technique you will learn practice-oriented with structure advisory sales (consultative selling). You will also learn how to find out in a quick and easy way when you are not or when you are about to close an ORDER .


In this sales technique you will practically create a number of spheres to motivate your prospect or customer to make a choice for your products or services.


In this sales technique you will learn in practice to build a great relationship and gain confidence. You also learn to open other doors that were previously closed.


In this sales technique you learn with structure and control in 4 steps to give your customer more insight and clarity that it is more profitable to purchase your products and services. You will also learn how to make it easier, clearer and better agreements for you and your client or prospect.


People buy from people. In this sales technique you will learn 10 scientific matters. Here you make use of great and interesting scientific topics that emerged from proven research.
You learn to sell technically and calculated.


In this sales technique, you learn with structure and control all 7 steps of the sales cycle and get it under control and keep it.

7. VAT (By TheWay)

In this sales technique you learn to use every second of every sales conversation.


In this sales technique you will learn a number of Closing Skills to conclude your deal, order, quotation or order (closen) in an advisory, scientific, controlled, structured, fun, profitable and perfect way.

Incl .:

  • Telephone Intake
  • Lecturer from practice
  • Course material
  • GHV Pen & Notepad
  • Certificate of participation
  • Hand-Out

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Training guarantee

Do you want to do a repeat within a year after the training? Then for € 60, - pppd excl. 21% VAT on one of our locations can be arranged in a class via our open schedule.


With a reduction of 1 half-day (3 effective lessons) we charge 70% of the daily rate. **
We charge 125% of the daily rate when buying afternoon evening programs.
When taking lessons on Saturdays we charge 150% of the daily rate.
We charge 200% of the daily rate for taking Sunday lessons.

** In the months of March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December, with the purchase of one half-day (4 effective lessons), we charge 80% of the daily rate.

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Rounding off: Certificate of Participation in pdf. format
average of 9 review(s)
By: Mike van der Wal
Date: 29/03/2018

Een leuke, enerverende en energieke dag. Veel opgestoken en zin om dit nu in praktijk te brengen! Graham neemt de tijd om alles goed/duidelijk uit te leggen. Overheerlijke lunch overigens!

By: Ayla
Date: 29/03/2018

Positieve dag! Geen 'verkooptrucjes' geleerd, maar echt een andere mindset gekregen om te gebruiken bij het bellen van klanten. Veel bruikbare handvatten gekregen met als prachtige doel: mensen succesvol maken.

By: Anoniem
Date: 29/03/2018

De training van Graham is erg leerzaam. Veel verschillende methodes geleerd die direct toepasbaar zijn in de praktijk. Met name het samen opstellen van een belscript gaat mij erg helpen bij mijn toekomstige gesprekken met klantrelaties.

By: Hilds
Date: 29/03/2018

Zeer leuke en leerzame training, waar ik veel aan heb gehad, veel nieuwe dingen geleerd. Heel ander inzicht gekregen in de manier waarop je klanten en prospects kunt benaderen. Hiermee kan ik vast wel uit de voeten. Bedankt voor de leuke training. Het voldeed helemaal aan mijn verwachtingen. Succes verder met de trainingen.

By: Annet Damhuis
Date: 29/03/2018

Inhoudelijk zeer sterk speelt volledig in op de actualiteiten van ons bedrijf . Geen standaard cursus en waar voor Je geld.

By: Nick Vlaming
Date: 29/03/2018

erg informatieve training. veel geleerd in een korte tijd. Belscript gemaakt en alle 8 vraagtechnieken doorgenomen. dit ga ik zeker gebruiken in de praktijk. Graham weet het mooi te brengen.

By: Diederik van Engelen
Date: 29/03/2018

Niets op aan te merken, enorm leerzaam en helpt mij onwijs om beter te worden in m'n werk.

By: Jean Sterk
Date: 29/03/2018

Geweldig! Geeft mij veel energie. En nieuwe handvatten.

By: Jan willem Olthuis
Date: 29/03/2018

Inhoudelijk zeer sterk speelt volledig in op de actualiteiten van ons bedrijf . Geen standaard cursus en waar voor Je geld.

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