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Account Management Training Classroom

Account Management Training Classroom

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Account Management Training Classroom

  • Type of training: Classroom
  • Language : English
  • Training duration : 6 hours (morning + afternoon)
  • Telephone intake
  • 6 Guiding Principles of Selling
  • 10 basic rules of selling
  • 8 sales techniques
  • 5 steps of consultative selling
  • 9 science-backed behaviors of people that help with sales
  • Best practice (bonus) : Learning sales pitch
  • Best practice (bonus) : Learn cold calling
  • Role playing (if desired)
  • GHV Course Material
  • Training Handout (PDF)
  • Online evaluation
  • Includes Certificate of Participation

For whom

  • Suitable for : Anyone who really wants to learn how to sell as an account manager, and who speaks the Dutch or English language

Are you ready for a magical Account Management sales training full of secrets?
Do you want to learn the real secrets of sales?

The sales training is for anyone who wants to achieve at least 15% more conversion, which in practice is usually at least 25%. This training is for starters as well as experienced sellers as the level is adjusted per participant. In the Account Management sales training there is enough room for all aspects of Sales & Sales based on your own practical experience.

Content Account Management Classroom Sales Training

  • What is selling?
  • 6 Guiding Principles of Selling
  • 10 basic rules of selling
  • 5 steps of consultative selling
  • 8 sales techniques
  • 9 science-backed behaviors of people that help with sales
  • Best practice (bonus) : Learning sales pitch
  • Best practice (bonus) : Learn cold calling
  • Role playing (if desired)

After booking and following the Account Management sales training, you will have an extensive super skillset with which you will noticeably increase your commercial performance through more qualitative, effective and easier agreements and sales. Because this sales knowledge gives you a lot of insight, it also leads to a working method that is very pleasant for all parties. In addition, extra attention is given in this training to many practical examples to apply what has been learned in commercial tasks and much more. In addition, you learn to build a magical relationship with your customer by asking the right opening questions and thereby immediately recognize and close all sales opportunities.

You learn to create more structure and gain control over the conversation to give your customer and prospect clarity that it is more profitable to use your products or services. By setting up the right atmosphere in the conversation, you motivate your customer or prospect to make one or more purchases. In addition, learn at what stage your prospect or customer is to make a purchase. You will also learn a lot of scientific behavior from people who help you sell.

Graham Hulsebos also teaches you the skills to actually close the deal, assignment, quotation or order with a unique combination of all learned sales techniques in an advisory, controlled and profitable manner.

Which parts does a sales training contain?

With each Account Management sales training you will learn proven sales techniques and also many standard components, including;

  • Difference between cold and warm acquisition
  • Build sales conversations
  • Close deals
  • Have powerful conversations
  • Up Selling & Cross Selling
  • Product presentation
  • Acquire new customers
  • Explanation of the sales process
  • Create perfect offers
  • Use correct words in conversation
  • Getting commitment from potential customers
  • Draft and present unique selling points (USPs).
  • Using the right triggers to arouse the interest of the prospect/customer

" Help the customer to be successful with your products and/or services "
- Graham Hulsebos

10 benefits of sales training

  1. Improved Sales Skills : Sales training can improve employees' sales skills, such as communication, negotiation, and persuasion.
  2. Increased Sales Results : Improving sales skills can help employees improve their sales results, which can lead to increased sales and profitability for the company.
  3. Better Customer Relationships : Sales training can teach employees how to build better customer relationships through effective communication, customer service, and customer-centric sales practices.
  4. Increased Customer Satisfaction : Better customer relationships allow employees to increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to higher customer loyalty and word of mouth.
  5. Better Product Knowledge : Sales training can help employees gain a deeper understanding of the products or services they sell, helping them better respond to customer needs and wants.
  6. Increased Motivation : Sales training can help employees feel more motivated and engaged in their work, which can lead to increased productivity and performance.
  7. Improved team dynamics : Sales training can contribute to better team dynamics by improving communication and collaboration between employees.
  8. Better organizational performance : By improving sales performance and team dynamics, sales training can contribute to better organizational performance, such as increased sales and profitability.
  9. Increased Confidence : Sales training can make employees more confident in their sales skills, making them feel more comfortable and confident when selling to customers.
  10. Increased Competitiveness : Improved sales skills and performance allow companies to build a stronger competitive position and better compete with other companies in their industry.

Graham Hulsebos sales training continues

The sales training courses go beyond standard components, because you (or your employee) are trained to become a truly successful salesperson. Not only in theory, but also in practice. Graham Hulsebos goes a step further where other sales training stops by applying Blended learning in this interactive training.

During the sales training, everything is taken out of it to be successful as a goal. No one is left behind and every student also receives interim tests. The 8 unique sales techniques are explained in a simple way, so that they can actually be applied in practice. Same day already!

Each student of this sales training comes out with more knowledge and that is definitely reflected in the many very positive reviews (9.0+).

Benefits of Graham Hulsebos Sales training

  • Many eye-openers in the field of sales
  • Structure in your sales activities
  • More than 20 years of practical experience
  • Learn all about the basic and guiding rules of selling
  • Learn the 8 best sales techniques
  • All knowledge directly applicable in practice
  • Personal assistance
  • Everything in just 1 day

Who is Graham Hulsebos?

Graham Hulsebos is one of the most expert sales trainers and motivators in the Netherlands. He has been providing sales training to hundreds of students worldwide for over 20 years. With a background in retail and automation, and within several national and international companies, Graham has developed a uniquely successful formula of consultative selling. This magical formula combines 8 different proven sales techniques.

Selling is really a profession. The basis for the sales training has therefore also arisen from his own experiences and he has also followed many training courses himself, such as: SPIN Sales Training, Upgrade Sales Pipeline Management, Money Maker 2 Program, Sales Professional Assessment Of Knowledge, Management Training Real Problems, Real Solutions , Blackbook Training, Salescycle, Sales Management Training and CRM Specialist.

In short, a valuable Account Management Sales training for every sales professional and organization.
Register immediately!

Download the Graham Hulsebos sales training brochure here

Type of training Classroom on location
Locations Almere, Amsterdam, Breda, Den Haag, Groningen, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, en Zwolle.
Language English
Training timetables Morning session: 09:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Afternoon session: 1:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Study Load Total duration: 6 hours
Parking costs Free
Course material Each student will receive a notepad and pen at the start.
Lunch Lunch break from 12:45pm to 1:30pm (possibility of lunch arrangement by arrangement).
Reference material Each trainee will receive a Hand-Out by e-mail in pdf format after the training.
Evaluation Yes, online post-training evaluation.
Certification Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation in pdf format.
9.8/10 (11 Reviews)

    "What a nice day of sales training with Graham, we went together through the essential of account management. I loved his engagement and dynamism, he made me realize many things and his teachings will for sure come very handy to me in my career in Sales."

    Riwan Le Gloanec- TotalEnergies Corbion · International Corporate on 09 Nov 2023

    "Ik vond deze training erg interessant. Ik heb veel geleerd over verschillende verkooptechnieken. Deze training is heel erg praktisch en Graham heeft ook een persoonlijke benadering en dit maakt de training extra waardevol om te volgen. Hij is praktisch, duidelijk, vriendelijk en hij geeft je ruimte om vragen te stellen, heel fijn! Dus ik raad deze training zeker aan mensen die veel willen leren over sales en die top verkoper willen worden! Dankjewel Graham!"

    Kareesha Mohamed - MVO Nederland on 19 Jul 2023

    "Super interessante training! Van begin tot eind veel geleerd over de verschillende verkooptechnieken. Graham praat met veel enthousiasme en plezier, ook over zijn ervaringen. De verschillende verkooptechnieken ga ik morgen meteen toepassen en delen met mijn collega's. Dankjewel Graham!"

    Melanie Luijten - HFL Laboratories B.V. on 19 Jul 2023

    "Heel leuk om naar te luisteren, je raakt niet afgeleid!"

    Zoë Cleef on 14 Mar 2021

    "Ik vond de training zeer leerzaam. Verschillende fase’s van het verkoopgesprek komen aan bod. Ook worden er verschillende verkooptechnieken behandeld. Doordat de trainer af en toe confronteert en spiegelt wordt je gedwongen na te denken over de stof."

    Sybren on 30 Jan 2020

    "Leerzame training over verschillende verkooptechnieken. Op een duidelijke en leuke manier vertelt Graham de verschillende technieken en hoe je deze op een simpele maar doeltreffende manier kunt toepassen. Zeker een aanrader als je beter in accountmanagement wilt worden."

    Margo on 21 Mar 2018

    "rg enthousiaste en Frisse training gekregen van Graham Hulsebos zelf! Geeft een duidelijk verhaal en een prettige sfeer zodat je alles goed in je op kunt nemen. Zeer tevreden en ga met een goed gevoel en dosis kennis de deur uit. Mvg Elina vd Hoeff"

    Elina vd Hoeff on 21 Mar 2018

    "Leerzame praktische individuele training die veel handvatten biedt in het voeren van verkoopgesprekken. Onderwerpen waren o.a. Sales cycle, spin, order. De uitleg was duidelijk, goed toepasbaar en interactief. Kortom goed toepasbaar."

    Hendrik on 21 Mar 2018

    "Hele goede ervaring met Graham . Legt alles op een goede en rustige manier."

    Michael Gaasbeek on 21 Mar 2018

    "Wilt u ook een fantastische accountmanagement training volgen? Dan raad ik u met klem Graham Hulsebos Verkooptraining aan. Met een zeer enthousiast vakbekwaam trainer die resultaat gericht werkt heb ik mijn training vandaag zeer positief ervaren. Ik kan deze kennis 100% zeker gaan gebruiken in mijn dagelijkse verkoop werkzaamheden."

    Margot Hordijk on 21 Mar 2018


    Ingrid Nabibaks - Kite Pharma EU B.V. on 21 Mar 2018

Graham Hulsebos Sales en Verkooptrainingen Genomineerd voor 'Beste Opleider van Nederland.

Graham Hulsebos Verkooptrainingen is verheugd genomineerd te zijn voor 'Beste Opleider van Nederland' door Springest by STUDYTUBE. Deze erkenning benadrukt onze kwaliteit en toewijding in verkooptrainingen. Dank aan alle cursisten voor hun bijdrage.


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Springest: 9.1 - Edubookers 8.9

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