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Sales Training - Sales Training by Telephone Sales & Acquisition Classroom

In one Telephone Sales & Acquisition sales training - sales training, I transform salespeople into experts with my unique formula for truly successful advisory sales. Student rating 9.5.

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1 Sales training

1 Sales training

Sales Training Telephone Sales & Acquisition Classroom

Do you want to take your telephone sales and acquisition skills to the next level and increase your success in acquiring new customers? Enroll now in our Telephone Sales & Acquisition Sales Training and invest in your ability to make telephone sales and acquisition conversations that get results!

Sales Trainer - Sales trainer Graham Hulsebos

Graham Hulsebos is a leading sales trainer in the Netherlands with more than 20 years of experience in telephone sales and acquisition. He has proven success in breaking national and international sales records. With 12 advanced sales techniques in his training courses and in-depth knowledge of the field, Graham offers exceptional programs for professionals looking to improve telephone sales and acquisition skills.

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What components does sales training contain?

  • Ethics in Sales : We emphasize honesty and integrity in all our training, because trust is the key to long-term customer relationships.
  • Communication Skills : Learn the art of effective conversations and develop the skills to understand and persuade customers.
  • Sales Psychology : Understand the drivers of customer behavior and learn how to leverage them for success.
  • Rapport building : Build strong relationships with your customers, which is the foundation for successful sales.
  • Sales process : Our structured approach helps you manage and optimize the sales conversation.
  • Script development : Create custom scripts for different situations to ensure consistency.
  • Objection Handling : Learn how to effectively handle customer objections and resistance.
  • Closing Techniques : Improve your skills to successfully close sales calls.
  • Follow-up and follow-up : Understand the importance of consistent follow-up for continued success.
  • Feedback and evaluation : Encourage feedback to drive continuous improvement.


  • Promote honesty and integrity in the sales process.
  • Develop effective conversation skills to understand and convince customers.
  • Understand customer behavior and drivers.
  • Build strong relationships with customers.
  • Manage and optimize the sales conversation.
  • Create custom scripts for different sales situations.
  • Learn to deal with customer objections and resistance.
  • Improve the skills to successfully close sales calls.
  • Understand the importance of consistent follow-up for continued success.
  • Encourage feedback for continuous improvement.


  • Building trust with customers, creating long-term relationships.
  • Improved communication with customers, leading to better relationships and sales results.
  • Ability to recognize and respond to customer needs for successful sales.
  • Solid foundation for trust and successful sales transactions.
  • A structured approach for effective sales and higher conversion rates.
  • Consistency and effectiveness in customer interactions.
  • Improved skills to effectively overcome customer objections.
  • Increased conversion of potential customers to actual customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, repeat sales and long-term relationships.
  • Continuous growth and development of sales skills and results.

Graham Hulsebos sales training goes further

The sales training goes beyond standard components, because you (or your employee) are trained to become a truly successful salesperson. Not only in theory, but also in practice. Graham Hulsebos goes a step further where other sales training stops by applying Blended learning in this interactive training.

During the sales training, everything is done to achieve the goal of success. No one is left behind and every student also receives interim tests. The 8 unique sales techniques are explained in a simple manner, so that they can actually be applied in practice. The same day!

Every student of this sales training comes out of the training with more knowledge and this is absolutely reflected in the many very positive reviews (9.0+).

Purchasing motives for Graham Hulsebos Sales Trainings

  1. Confidence : Our "Telephone Sales & Acquisition Sales Training" is led by a highly trained and experienced sales trainer with a proven track record in telephone sales and acquisitions. You can trust that you are being trained by an expert in the field (Buying motive: Trust).
  2. Emotions : Imagine how you will feel when you make sales calls with confidence and conviction and attract new business opportunities. The emotion of success and satisfaction awaits you (Purchasing motive: Fun and success).
  3. Reward : Invest in yourself and your career by participating in our training. The reward is twofold: improved sales skills and the opportunity to increase your revenue by closing more deals (Purchasing Motive: Reward).
  4. Authenticity : Our training offers authentic strategies and techniques that are directly applicable in practice. No unnecessary frills, only practical and effective training (Purchasing motive: Authenticity).
  5. Need and Need : If you want to improve your results in telephone sales and acquisitions, this training is an absolute necessity. It is the key to fulfilling your needs for business success (Purchasing Motive: Necessity).
  6. Self-expression : Let your personality and style shine in your sales calls. You get the chance to express yourself and write your own success story (Purchasing motive: Self-expression).
  7. Convenience : This training is an easy and convenient way to take your skills to the next level. Learn at your own pace and apply what you learn immediately (Purchasing motive: Convenience).



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