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Book the best Online Shop Staff sales training sales course with 12 sales techniques. Learn advisory selling from Graham Hulsebos. Rating 9.5.

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1 Sales training

1 Sales training

Online Store Staff Sales Training Sales Training

Improve your Sales Skills with Our Online Training for Store Personnel Develop your sales expertise with our interactive online training. Learn valuable sales techniques from an experienced professional, in a course offered in both Dutch and English. With a limit of 8 participants per session, we guarantee a personalized learning experience.
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Graham Hulsebos Sales and Sales Trainings Nominated for 'Best Trainer in the Netherlands.

Graham Hulsebos Sales Training is pleased to have been nominated for 'Best Trainer in the Netherlands' by Springest by STUDYTUBE. This recognition highlights our quality and dedication in sales training. Thanks to all students for their contributions.
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Who is Graham Hulsebos?

Graham Hulsebos is one of the most expert sales trainers and motivators in the Netherlands. He has been providing sales training to hundreds of students worldwide for over 20 years. With a background in retail and automation, and within various national and international companies, Graham has developed a uniquely successful formula of consultative selling. This magical formula combines 8 different proven sales techniques.

Selling is really a profession. The basis for the sales training is therefore also based on his own experiences and he has also followed many training courses, such as: SPIN Sales Training, Upgrade Sales Pipeline Management, Money Maker 2 Program, Sales Professional Assessment Of Knowledge, Management Training Real Problems, Real Solutions , Blackbook Training, Salescycle, Sales Management Training and CRM Specialist.

What components does sales training contain?

In addition to the secret sales techniques, many standard components are also covered in every sales training, including;

  • Building and closing conversations
  • Have powerful conversations
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Product presentation
  • Acquire new customers
  • Explanation of the sales process
  • Using correct words in a conversation
  • Getting commitment from potential customers
  • Using different sales techniques
  • Draft and present unique selling points (USPs).
  • Using the right triggers to arouse interest among the customer/prospect

Graham Hulsebos sales training goes further

The sales training goes beyond standard components, because you (or your employee) are trained to become a truly successful salesperson. Not only in theory, but also in practice. Graham Hulsebos goes a step further where other sales training stops by applying Blended learning in this interactive training.

During the sales training, everything is done to achieve the goal of success. No one is left behind and every student also receives interim tests. The 12 unique sales techniques are explained in a simple manner, so that they can actually be applied in practice. The same day!

Every student of this sales training comes out of the training with more knowledge and this is absolutely reflected in the many very positive reviews (9.0+).

Selling is asking, not counting!

  • Customer Service Questions: How do you provide exceptional customer service that keeps customers coming back?
  • Product Knowledge Questions: How do you stay up to date with the latest product information and share it effectively with customers?
  • Sales Conversation Questions: How do you initiate and maintain a sales conversation that leads to purchases?
  • Handling Objections Questions: How do you handle customer objections in a way that builds trust and leads to sales?
  • Team Building Questions: How do you work with your team to improve overall store sales?

" Help the customer to be successful with your products and/or services "
- Graham Hulsebos


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