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Selling is Asking Not Telling

Over Graham Hulsebos


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Selling is asking not telling

Graham Hulsebos is a sales trainer and motivator pur sang.

Advisory selling is in the blood; sharing that know-how is what drives him. Graham has a background in retail and automation. Within different national and international companies in these sectors, Graham has developed a unique way of selling by combining various proven sales techniques. This way of selling and the results achieved through this way of selling are the basis of his more than 29-year commercial / sales career. Commercial, communicative and always in tune with the latest developments. Not only in terms of sales and marketing, but also when it comes to modern learning methods and the latest developments in the field of (online) sales. Read further?...

Graham Hulsebos Helps People & Companies To More Sales Success.
Do you want more success in sales in your company?

Everyone knows that it is wise to bet on several horses and spread the opportunities.
During our training sessions your employees learn to switch between 8 different sales techniques. These techniques have all proven their successful effectiveness. Combining these techniques in a training is truly unique in the Netherlands, which gives you a big advantage during your commercial activities!

In these interactive training courses your employees learn to apply the theory and practice. In this way they learn to switch effectively between the techniques, in order to quickly achieve the desired result. Because of our experience and flexible attitude, the training courses are suitable for everyone and at every level and a tailor-made training can be provided.

We also offer other training forms. Classroom via an Open Schedule at 6 locations in the Netherlands, 1 on 1 private training, Dedicated, Callcenter, Floorwalker and Elearning.

Do you want a huge increase in sales figures?

By following a sales training by Graham Hulsebos your employees are optimally provided with your sales wishes. With 8 different sales techniques that are dealt with in our various training courses, we guarantee a very educational experience that is applicable in practice. Your sales team can work even better and even more efficiently on the basis of our sales techniques.

May we invite you to read the course content and then book a course of telephone sales & acquisition , account management, sales office sales, sales sales, retail sales?
Your employees are in good hands in training. Our great customers / course members evaluate us on average at 9.2, they leave our training courses wiser, enormously driven and motivated to achieve the sales targets.

Selling is asking, not counting!

Would you also like to learn 8 different sales techniques through our sales training with training guarantee?

Would you also like to teach employees, or yourself, through our sales training with training guarantee 8 different sales techniques that have proven their effectiveness? Training these sales techniques is unique in the Netherlands. After following one of these trainings you have the knowledge and skills to switch between 8 different sales techniques. A great base to sell motivated, structured, better, easier and more advisory!

Ask questions lead to a relationship with you and the customer. This relationship ultimately results in more revenue, but what steps and structure need to be taken to get a relationship with your customer? What questions should be asked to generate more sales?

Question 1: Ask "PAIN" questions. Are the monthly targets achieved?
Question 2: Ask RESULT "Ask. Do your sales staff ask the right questions?
Question 3: Ask "WISH" questions. Do you also want 50% + more turnover?
Question 4 : Ask "CONTACT". Do your employees always talk to the decision-maker?
Question 5: Ask "CLOSE" questions. May I help you or may I accept this assignment?


(Large) organizations know that the continuous expansion determines the future of their company and that the only way to continue successfully at the sales level remains to motivate your organization. Graham has the ability to connect with people and move people to higher levels. He is relevant, informative, entertaining and will shine in every sales training.

We are enthusiastic, our students too!

"I had a good sales team, but now much better. "

The customer is now very well informed and the sale requires an even better thought-out strategy. The approach to this sales training fits in perfectly with this. The sales pitch is 80% of the sales success. - Owner Mike & Hyatt from Siempre BV .

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